The history of the kretek began in the city of Kudus (Indonesia) in the 1880s when one man mixed cloves and tobacco for his cigarette to relieve chest pains and enjoyed the result a lot. According to popular opinion, the clove has not only healing properties, but also is able to reduce pain due to the contained nutrients. The smoked kretek gradually cured asthma and this news quickly spread throughout Indonesia. Therefore, the first Kretek Djarum was sold in pharmacies as medicine.
Other type of cigarettes
Djarum is very different from all other types of smoking tobacco. The main difference lies in the taste: the richness and originality of herbs mixture, spices and fruits provides a deep spicy and sweetish taste of kretek, unlike all other types of tobacco products.
Kretek Djarum consist of:

• Mixtures of Indonesian tobacco (kretek can contain more than 20 different types of tobacco);

• Clove (clove is the heart of a kretek, as well as the heart of Indonesia, the country that produces clove for the whole world. This are the fragrant flower buds that were usually used as a rich dressing for cooking);

• A special “sauce” (the recipe of which is kept under the strictest secrecy and contains a mixture of spices, herbs, natural fruit essences. In total, kretek cigarettes use more than 100 different ingredients to compose a “sauce”).

Key features

Kretek Djarum has a number of properties due to which it causes special emotions when smoking:
– The complex aroma of kretek, which consists of more than 100 different extracts and essences, making the cigarette pleasantly sweet to taste;
– Leaves a rich sweet aftertaste;
– It does not leave an unpleasant smell after smoking (allows smoking in a car, at home, because the aroma of spices, herbs and fruit prevail in cigarette smoke over the smell of tobacco);
– Distinctive sound during smoking (caused by the specific crackle of smoldering capsules with clove oil, creating a sound similar to “kretek-kretek”).
– One pack contains 10 kretek, 10 packs in 1 block, 1000 packs in a box.

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